Texas Renewable Energy Industry Alliance

TREIA is at the forefront of the Texas clean energy industry -- advocating for the advancement of the electricity system of the future, creating market and educational opportunities for its members, and convening thought leaders across the clean energy ecosystem.

Our New Slogan

"Come and Make It" is a nod to the "Come and Take It" flag flown at the Battle of Gonzalez during the first skirmish of the Texas Revolution. TREIA is a uniquely Texas organization which has adapted the motto to serve both as an invitation to build a clean energy economy as well as a statement of our energy independence.  Like our great State, TREIA is a collection of highly individual member organizations representing many renewable energy sectors.  However, each member acknowledges that we are better together and shows great pride in TREIA and Texas. 


What does "Come and Make It" Mean to You?

Of course we would love to hear what Y'all think "Come and Make It" means to you, TREIA, and the Lone Star State.  Check back soon for a link to our Energy Independence Wall to see what folks had to say.

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What We Do

The rapid advancement of renewable energy in Texas has created huge challenges to our electric grid.  To surpass the tipping point to mass adoption of renewable technologies and rapid renewable grid integration, we need industry leaders engaged in an alliance that identifies, analyzes, and overcomes barriers to achieving scale.  As the energy industry becomes increasingly interconnected, the future of distributed and utility scale resources is shifting from a fragmented approach to a focus on the holistic system. TREIA is convening a group of thought leaders across the clean energy ecosystem to lead Texas once again to the forefront of energy innovation.

Why Texas?

According to the Energy Information Administration, Texas is responsible for 10% of our nation’s electricity consumption, making it the greatest electricity consuming state in the U.S.  In addition, Texas has the fastest growing population among the five most populous states.  The combination of these factors amounts to 450,000 new consumers or 6,800 GWh consumed each year.  This all adds up to a huge market and an incredible opportunity for those seeking to enter or expand in the Texas market.