TREIA is taking its annual conference to the NEXT level. Connect with thought leaders and businesses across the Texas energy industry at the GridNEXT conference being held
November 9-11 in Georgetown, Texas. 

What Is GridNEXT?
 GridNEXT is a two-day conference, focused on the new business models, technologies and grid modernization initiatives needed to grow the renewable energy industry in Texas and across the U.S.   
Who Should Attend?  Anyone interested in diversifying the grid to better manage consumption of renewable energy:
•   Utility Decision-makers
•   Technology Providers
•   Regulators/Analysts
•   Legislators/Policy Makers
•   Energy Program Managers
•   End-user Customers
•   Developers & Integrators
•   Energy Consultants/Advisors        
•    Academic leaders
Why is GridNEXT different?
It’s time for action!  GridNEXT offers a unique opportunity to dig in and learn about the latest trends impacting the Grid of the Future, and address the fast growing appetite for renewable, domestic, affordable energy.  Although this is a Texas-based conference, a number of speakers hail from outside the state and the issues are of interest across the country.
What will attendees learn?
Leaders from across the country will present a foundation for grid modernization.  Attendees will participate in discussions that both set the vision and work through the nuts and bolts of large-scale grid modernization, microgrids, renewable energy integration, treatment of distributed energy resources, and business model transformation.
• Network with leaders from the renewable energy industry in Texas in a relaxed, educational setting
• Collaborate to find the right solutions that will serve ALL energy stakeholder including utilities, private industry, and most of all, consumers
 • Learn new tools and techniques to rapidly modernize the TX grid and utility infrastructure, while expanding services to customers
 • Find out about new opportunities in Texas renewable energy and grow your career

Come be part of the conversation.  Texas is the nation's largest and fastest growing consumer of electricity, making it the biggest market in the country.  Yes, everything is bigger in Texas! GridNEXT engages stakeholders on the grid modernization challenges facing renewable energy integration.  If you have a stake in renewable energy economic development in the state of Texas, this event is for you.

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Featured Speakers

Bill Magness square.jpg

Keynote Speaker: Brad Jones

President & CEO, NYISO, Formerly, Senior VP & COO, ERCOT


Opening Session Speaker: Bill Magness

President & CEO, ERCOT

GridNEXT Speakers on the Radio

Hear GridNEXT presenter, Chris Foster, from the City of Georgetown discuss how the City is going 100% Renewable.

There’s a rapidly-growing city in Texas that boasts one of the most renewable-friendly energy programs in the country — and it’s not Austin.
How Georgetown Became Texas’ First 100% Renewable Powered City-Itunes Podcast

Why Georgetown, Texas?


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