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DOE to Guarantee $10 Billion in Loans for Efficiency, Renewables


DOE is offering $10 billion in loan guarantees for projects involving energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced transmission and distribution. The agency is seeking projects relating to biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind energy, as well as projects involving hydropower, alternative fuel vehicles, and energy efficiency. In addition to general energy efficiency projects, the solicitation specifically requests projects relating to energy efficient building technologies and efficient electricity transmission, distribution, and storage. DOE intends to issue loan guarantees for stand-alone projects, as well as projects relating to manufacturing technologies and the large-scale integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage technologies into the electrical grid. The agency issued a solicitation on Monday for the loan guarantees, along with two solicitations for nuclear power that increase the total loan guarantee package to $30.5 billion.


DOE's Loan Guarantee Program was established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and is intended only for projects that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gas emissions and employ "new or significantly improved technologies as compared to commercial technologies in service in the United States." A technology is considered to be commercialized if it has been installed in three or more commercial projects in the United States and has been in service for at least 5 years. The solicitation includes an illustrative list of technologies, but does not restrict applications to technologies on that list. The guarantees can be issued for loans of up to 80% of a project's total cost.

Applications due:  December 31, 2008. 

See the DOE press release, the Loan Guarantee Program Web site, and the full solicitation (PDF 542 KB). Download Adobe Reader.



$10 Billion in Efficient and Clean Energy Loan Guarantees 


The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Federal Loan Guarantees for Projects that Employ Innovative Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Advanced Transmission and Distribution Technologies. DOE seeks projects related to biomass, geothermal, solar, wind energy, hydropower, alternative fuel vehicles, energy efficiency, energy efficient building technologies and efficient electricity transmission, distribution, and storage. DOE intends to issue loan guarantees for stand-alone projects and projects related to manufacturing technologies and the large-scale integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage technologies into the electrical grid. $10 billion expected to be available. The guarantees can be issued for loans of up to 80% of total project cost.  


Applications due:  December 31, 2008.


For more info, go to:




Refer to Sol #: DE-FOA-0000005.




Environmental Fellowships for Undergraduate


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for Greater Research Opportunities.  GRO provides undergraduate fellowships in environmental fields of study.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:  Green Building Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Urban and Land Use Planning.  $930K expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated.  



Responses due:  12/11/08 



For more info, contact Georgette Boddie at boddie.georgette@epa.gov or go to: 





Refer to EPA-F2008U-GRO-(P1-Q2).  (Grants.gov 9/5/08)




Biorefinery Pilot and Demonstration Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy announces its intent to request proposals Demonstration of Integrated Biorefinery Operations. The intent of this upcoming announcement is to select projects that have performance data that validates readiness for the next level of scale up. These integrated biorefineries would produce liquid transportation fuel to support meeting the advanced biofuels portion of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard of 21 billion gallons of advanced biofuels by 2022.


DOE anticipates issuing this RFP on or about 11/20/08.


For more info, contact Hank Eggink at hank.eggink@go.doe.gov or go to: 
(FBO 10/8/08)


Woody Biomass Utilization


The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests applications for the Woody Biomass Utilization Grant Program.  This program supports the efforts of communities, entrepreneurs, and others turn residues from forest restoration activities into marketable forest products and/or energy

products. $4.3 million expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated.  


Responses due:  11/07/08  


For more info, contact Susan LeVan-Green at slevan@fs.fed.us or go to: 





Refer to Sol# USDA-FS-2009-01.  (Grants.gov 9/12/08)




Austin Energy Seeks 30MW Solar Purchase Power Agreement


A solicitation has been published for a 30MW Solar Purchase Power Agreement to be located on a City of Austin-owned site.  The solicitation documents can be found at the following link:


Please ensure that you complete the "subscribe" information if you download the documents so that you are notified of any additional data published regarding the solicitation.

Optional Pre-proposal conference 1, followed by site visit is 10/17/08 at 9 a.m.


Optional site visit opportunity 2 is 10/20/08 at 9 a.m.  


Responses due:  10/30/08 2 p.m.


NOTE:  If you are not already a registered City of Austin Vendor, you can view the solicitation as follows:



1. Go to this site:




2. Select the Business Opportunities link at the top.


3. Select the Search for Solicitations link.


4. The solicitation is currently listed there with the number RFP-1100-CMC00004-2.



For further information, contact Carole at carole.cameron@austinenergy.com or by calling her at (512) 322-6155

Solicitation Reference number:  CMC0004



CPS Energy Seeks Solar Energy Supplier


CPS Energy invites your company to respond to the Solar 2008 Request for Proposal (RFP) for solar generated energy to be supplied to the CPS Energy system under a long-term arrangement.  CPS Energy is soliciting up to 100 MW of solar energy to be available no later than December 31, 2010. Proposals should be marked "Proposal for Solar Energy Supply".


Responses due:  10/31/08 5 p.m. Central Standard Time

For more info, e-mail solar@cpsenergy.com or go to:





Energy Frontier Research Centers Added 5/05/08

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) to accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs needed to create advanced energy technologies for the 21st century. The EFRCs will pursue the fundamental understanding necessary to meet the global need for abundant, clean, and economical energy. Through this initiative, DOE seeks to bring together the skills and talents of multiple investigators to enable fundamental research of a scope and complexity that would not be possible with the standard individual investigator or small group research project. $500 million expected to be available, up to 50 awards anticipated.


Responses due:  10/01/08


For more info, contact Emiela Bradford at emiela.bradford@ch.doe.gov or go to:



Refer to: Sol# DE-PS02-08ER15944. (Grants.gov 4/4/08)




International Methane Partnerships


The U.S. Agency for International Development requests proposals for Public-Private Alliances Related to Methane to Markets Partnership. This Partnership is an international initiative that focuses on advancing cost-effective, near-term methane recovery and use as a clean energy source. Targeted methane sources include: Landfills, livestock and agricultural wastes, underground coal mines, and natural gas and oil systems. Partnership countries include: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.



Responses due:  9/30/08

For more info, contact Angela Fortune at afortune@usaid.gov or go to:






Refer to Sol# M-OAA-GRO-EGAS-07-063-MTM. (Grants.gov 6/30/08)




Environmental Education Added 8/11/08

The Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation seeks proposals to support educators to develop environmental curricula that integrates field activities and classroom teaching and that incorporates basic ecological principles and problem solving. Grants NTE $1.5K.


Responses due:  9/27/08

For more info, go to
:  http://www.mgaef.org/index.html

(RFP Bulletin 7/3/08)




Biomass Engineering


The National Science Foundation requests proposals for Biotechnology, Biochemical, and Biomass Engineering. This initiative supports research that addresses problems involved in economic processing and manufacturing of products of economic importance by effectively utilizing renewable resources of biological origin and bio-informatics originating from genomic and proteomic information. 


Responses due:  9/15/08


For more info, contact Frederick Heineken at fheineke@nsf.gov or go to:


Refer to Sol# PD-08-1491. (Grants.gov 4/17/08)




Geothermal RD&D

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Research, Development, and Demonstration Grants. Through this initiative, DOE seeks to solve critical R&D needs for Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technical feasibility and to increase the knowledge and understanding necessary for EGS to advance to a state of commercial readiness.  Areas of interest include Component Technologies R&D and System Demonstrations.  $10.5 million expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated. 

Responses due:  8/12/08  


For more info, contact Pete Simon at go.geothermal@go.doe.gov or go to:




Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98008.  (Grants.gov 6/18/08)




Enhanced Geothermal Systems Updated 7/08/08


Geothermal energy is an abundant, reliable, ubiquitous, base load, indigenous renewable energy source. Only the hydrothermal portion of the geothermal resource has been developed commercially around the world. There are a significant number of hydrothermal systems that do not have adequate productivity for economic production. To address the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), DOE recognizes that there will be challenges requiring new technology development in the form of R&D, field testing, and verification in order for EGS to enter the marketplace. DOE is seeking to partner with geothermal stakeholders to alleviate some of the risks of EGS development through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) covering two key topic areas. This integrated FOA will allow DOE to develop new sensors, down-hole tools, and mapping capabilities in order to operate at greater depths and higher reservoir temperatures, and to partner with geothermal stakeholders to increase the knowledge and understanding necessary for EGS to advance to a state of commercial readiness. Brief descriptions of both topic areas are as follows:

Topic Area 1: Component Areas R&D
This topic area seeks projects that address key aspects of engineered reservoir creation, management, and utilization by developing tools and techniques useful to temperatures up to 300C and depths as great as 10,000 m. Areas of interest include: zonal isolation; down hole pumps; fracture characterization; image fluid flow; tracers and tracer interpretation; high temperature logging tools and sensors; and stimulation prediction models. These technology improvements are discussed in greater detail in the report, An Evaluation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technology, posted on the DOE website: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/geothermal/pdfs/evaluation_egs_Tech_2008.pdf .

Topic Area 2: System Demonstrations
This topic area seeks projects that will successfully characterize a geothermal system with low natural productivity, develop a plan to stimulate the productivity of the system, stimulate a well in the system and monitor the productivity or injectivity of the well in relation to other wells available in the system. The projects will allow testing and validation of stimulation techniques for improving productivity of wells or increasing inter-well connectivity at existing geothermal fields. Use of available or experimental technologies from geothermal, petroleum or other relevant industries will be considered.


Responses due:  8/12/08.  



For more info, contact James Damm at james.damm@go.doe.gov or go to:



Refer to:  Sol# DOE-SNOTE-080306-001. (FBO 3/8/08)



Solicitation for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from the Defense Energy Support Center


The U.S. government's Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) is soliciting offers for RECs for several facilities, including Air Force locations, NASA Kennedy Space Center, and Food and Drug Administration facilities. RECs are sought from renewable energy resource facilities that commenced operation on or after January 1, 1999, as well as from those whose operation began on January 1, 1991 or later.


The solicitation, amendments, attachments, and additional information can be obtained from DESC's Web site.

For more information, contact Jezabel Avils at 703-767-2394 or jezabel.aviles@dla.milor Leslie Simpson at 703-767-8536 or leslie.simpson@dla.mil.

Proposals, including all required forms and information, due:  8/04/08, 12:00 PM (EDT)


The REC delivery date for all line items except NASA Kennedy Space Center is September 30, 2008. The REC delivery date for NASA Kennedy Space Center is January 7, 2009.




CPS Energy Request for Qualifications Notice re. Photovoltaic Plant

CPS is seeking Professional Architect/Engineering Consulting Services in regard to the construction of a new 1.0 - 1.5 MW net AC photovoltaic power plant.


Final date to request a qualification package:  Friday, July 18, 2008 4 p.m Central

Final date to submit qualifications package:  Thursday, July 31, 2008 1:45 p.m. Central

Any packages submitted after the above date and time will not be considered and will be returned unopened.  No exceptions.


If you’re interested in participating in this solicitation, e-mail or fax (210-353-3056) your interest to the buyer for this Request for Qualifications (listed below) no later than 4:00 p.m. Central time on 07/18/2008.


If you would like to request a solicitation packet or obtain general information, contact the buyer for this Request for Qualifications or stop by:

CPS Energy Supply Chain

134 Navarro Street, 9th floor

San Antonio, TX 78296.

Their office hours are Monday through Friday (except recognized holidays), from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For further information, contact Daniel Escarcega at daescarcega@cpsenergy.com or call (210) 353-3961.


Request for Qualifications number:  7000080517




Forest Based Bioenergy


The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Renewable Resources Extension Act - National Focus Fund Projects Grant.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, challenges and opportunities related to Forest-Based Bioenergy.  $297K expected to be available, up to 4 awards anticipated.  


Responses due:  7/28/08 


For more info, contact Eric Norland at enorland@csrees.usda.gov or

go to:  




Refer to Sol# USDA-CSREES-OP-001665.  (Grants.gov 5/28/08)




Clean Fuels


The U.S. Department of Transportation requests proposals for the Discretionary Clean Fuels Grant Program. This program funds capital projects in areas that are maintenance or non-attainment for ozone or carbon monoxide. Additionally, the program supports emerging clean fuel and advanced propulsion technologies for transit buses and markets for those technologies. $28.75 million expected to be available.


Responses due:  7/21/08  


For more info, contact Kimberly Sledge at kimberly.sledge@dot.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# D2008-FTA-CLNF-TPM.  (Grants.gov 5/28/08) 




Solar PV Power Array Pre-Solicitation Notice

Goodfellow Air Force Base will be requesting proposals for the design, installation, operation, maintenance, and ownership of a photovoltaic (PV) system capable of generating approximately one (1) megawatt of peak electrical energy. The system is to be installed on Goodfellow AFB property under a real property agreement. All of the output is to be purchased by Goodfellow AFB under an Indefinite Term Contract (IDT). The PV system contractor will include all site preparation efforts, construction, installation, requisite inverters, switch gear, and any other hardware or software necessary for the contractor to operate and/or maintain the system. The switch gear will be compatible with and approved by the local utility company (AEP North) to insure proper electrical grid synchronization.

Any renewable energy tax credits or rebates will be utilized by the contractor to reduce the overall project cost as much as possible. Ownership of generated Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) is negotiable. The successful offer or proposal will become a part of the Contract upon decision of award. The solicitation will be posted on Federal Business Opportunities website, http://www.fbo.gov, o/a 8 Apr 2008. This requirement will be set aside for small business. The NAICS code is 221119.

Address any and all questions or concerns in writing to the to the POC listed below.

Responses due:  7/18/08


For more info, contact Mr. Brian Williams at brian.williams@goodfellow.af.mil or Mrs. Brenda Lauer at brenda.lauer@goodfellow.af.mil

Refer to:  Sol #: FA3030-08-R-0002

For the latest information, click here.




Concentrating Solar Power Generation 

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Advanced Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) and Novel Thermal Storage Concepts for Concentrating Solar Power Generation.  Through this FRP, DOE seeks to support long-term research and near-term demonstration of:


1) Improved and advanced head transfer fluids.


2) Novel thermal energy storage concepts and systems that may increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the technology.  


$60 million expected to be available, up to 25 awards anticipated.


Responses due:  7/10/08


For more info, contact Susana Herndandez at susana.hernandez@go.doe.gov or go to:


Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98032.  (Grants.gov 4/30/08)



DOE Offers $60 Million for Concentrating Solar Power Research


DOE announced that it will provide up to $60 million for concentrating solar power (CSP) projects that focus on advanced thermal energy storage or heat transfer fluids. The DOE funding will go toward both new research and development projects and demonstrations of technologies already under development. DOE anticipates that 10 to 25 industries or academic institutions will be selected to receive this funding, which will be distributed over the next 5 years. With a mandatory private industry cost share of 20% for research and development, and a 50% cost share for demonstrations, more than $75 million could be invested in these projects.  Funding beyond monies available in Fiscal Year 2008 are subject to appropriations from Congress.

Applications due:  7/10/08  


See the DOE press release and the full solicitation on Grants.gov.




Water Power Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Advanced Water Power Projects. Through this initiative, DOE seeks technologies that demonstrate a capability of utilizing one or more of the following for electricity generation: Ocean waves; tides or ocean currents; free flowing water in rivers, lakes, streams or man-made channels; or other water-based resources, including an improvement in the efficiency and/or environmental performance of conventional hydropower and electricity generation from differentials in ocean temperature. $18.5 million expected to be available, up to 17 awards anticipated.

Responses due:  6/16/08

For more info, contact Pat Liles at pat.liles@go.doe.gov or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98030. (Grants.gov 4/15/08)




Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grants and Loans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Grants and Guaranteed Loans. This initiative supports the purchase of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements for agriculture producers and rural small businesses in eligible rural areas. $15 million expected to be available, 250 awards anticipated.

Grant-only proposals due 4/15/08 and 6/16/08. Guaranteed loan applications due 6/16/08. Combination grant-loan packages due 6/16/08.  


For more info, go to:


Refer to:  Sol# RBCP-08-REEEP


SBIR - Biotechechnology

The National Science Foundation requests proposals for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, Biotech and Chemical Technologies. Subtopics include but are not limited to bioprocessing, biomaterials, bioproducts, bioenergy, sustainable technologies, solutions to environmental problems, energy, transportation, and fuels. $25 million expected to be available, up to 250 awards anticipated.

Responses due:  6/10/08


For more info, contact Thomas Allnutt at tallnutt@nsf.gov or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# 08-548. (Grants.gov 2/26/08)



Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technologies Validation Site(s)

The Department of Energy is seeking information from the geothermal community to assist in the development of a possible Funding Opportunity Announcement, acquisition, or other procurement option in regard to establishing Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technologies Validation Site(s). This will facilitate high risk technology development, validation, and deployment by participating organizations that would not otherwise take place at a commercial geothermal field. The information gathered from this RFI will be used by DOE for internal planning and decision making purposes, and will not be released to the general public.


The RFI will be listed at:


for comment.

Comments in response to this RFI must be provided to the DOE Golden Field Office as an attachment to an e-mail message to


Responses due:  8 p.m. EDT on 5/30/08

Refer to: DE-PS36-08GO38003




Clean Diesel – Regions 6, 7, 9 and 10  Added 5/05/08


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency request proposals for Clean Diesel Programs in 4 Regions. These programs will support projects that reduce emissions from existing diesel engines through strategies including, but not limited to: Diesel emissions reductions solutions such as add-on emission control retrofit technologies; idle reduction technologies; cleaner fuel use; engine repowers; engine upgrades; and/or vehicle or equipment replacement; and the creation of innovative regional finance programs to fund diesel emissions reduction projects.

Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program for the Blue Skyways Geographic Area – Regions 6 and 7: Projects must take place in:  AR, LA, NM, OK, TX, IA, KS, MO, NB or MN. $5 million expected to be available, up to 18 awards anticipated. 


Responses due:  5/30/08


For more info, contact Gloria Vaughn at vaughn.gloria@epa.gov or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# EPA-R6-BSCDERA-2008. (Grants.gov 4/2/08)


Bio-Oil Stabilization

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil (Bio-oil) Stabilization. Through this initiative, DOE seeks practical, cost effective methods for stabilizing biomass fast pyrolysis oil. $7 million expected to be available, up to 7 awards anticipated. 



Responses due:  5/29/08 



For more info, contact Melissa Wise at GO98018@go.doe.gov or go to:


Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98018. (Grants.gov 4/16/08)



Wind Energy Purchase – Southwest Region

The U.S. General Services Administration's Greater Southwest Region requests bids to supply wind generated electrical energy for use in federal government owned and occupied buildings located within deregulated areas of the Texas ERCOT marketplace. The approximate one year electric requirement is 134,000,000 kWh. 



Responses due:  5/19/08



For more info, contact to Natalie Holmes at Natalie.Holmes@gsa.gov or go to:



Refer to Sol# GS-07P-08-HHC-0051. (FBO 4/5/08)




2008 SWEPCO Renewable Energy RFP

American Electric Power Service Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Electric Power, is seeking proposals for long-term supply of renewable energy from new renewable energy projects with an aggregate name-plate rating totaling at least 65MW and up to 100 MW on behalf of its utility operating company, Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), for projects capable of being on-line by 12/31/10.




RFP Issued


Pre-Bid Meeting (Conference Call)


Bids Due


Responses due:   12 noon EPT (Columbus, OH), 5/19/08

Proposals and questions should be addressed to:

American Electric Power Service Corporation
ATTN: Peggy Simmons (RFP Manager)
155 W. Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 583-6009
(614) 583-1611 fax



View SWEPCO Renewable Energy RFP:

- documents (you will need to access this to obtain a login and password)
- questions and answers 

related to the project.



Value Added Producer Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for Value Added Producer Grants. This program helps eligible independent producers of agricultural commodities, agricultural producer groups, farmer and rancher cooperatives, and majority controlled producer based business ventures develop strategies to create marketing opportunities and to help develop business plans for viable marketing opportunities. Examples of past awards include a feasibility assessment of generating on-farm wind energy, business plan development for marketing ethanol, and capital expenses associated with marketing bio-diesel made from canola. $19.475 million expected to be available, up to 130 awards anticipated.


Responses due:   5/16/08


For more info, contact Andrew Jermolowicz at andrew.jermolowicz@wdc.usda.gov  
or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# RDBCP-07-02-VAPG. (Grants.gov 2/17/08)




CPS Renewable Energy RFP

CPS Energy, the municipal electric company of San Antonio, Texas, invites the submission of price bids for the supply of electric energy from operators, owners, and/or developers of renewable energy generation facilities located within the ERCOT region.  This RFP is seeking long term purchased power to supplement generation from existing CPS Energy facilities. 

CPS Energy is considering the purchase of  renewable energy up to 100 megawatts (MW) along with the associated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for the units of energy generated.  Renewable energy generating technologies include those such as wind, solar, bio-mass, landfill gas or any other renewable energy technology described in Texas Senate Bill 7, Sec. 39.904.  This purchase will be structured to include the total output from a defined portion of one or more generation facilities to be delivered to CPS Energy, for a period of not less than 15 years and possibly as much as 20 years or more.  CPS Energy requires the entire amount of renewable capacity specified in the contract be available no later than December 31, 2009.  This energy will be delivered to CPS Energy at the contract price expressed in dollars per megawatt-hour ($/MWh), but may include a fixed charge component, (see 2 a. below).  CPS Energy prefers this price to include the energy and RECs together.

Responses due:  5 pm CST 5/16/08


For the full Request for Proposal, click here.


For more info, contact Raul Cardenas at rvcardenas@cpsenergy.com, 210-353-2911  



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces its intent to requests proposals for the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program Phase I. During Phase I EPA will seek R&D in areas including, but not limited to: Innovations in Manufacturing; Green Buildings; Drinking Water and Water Monitoring; Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation; Monitoring and Control of Air Pollution; Biofuels and Vehicle Emissions Reduction; Waste Management and Monitoring; and Homeland Security. Up to 25 contracts anticipated. EPA ;l releasing the solicitation on 3/12/08, with...

Proposals due:  5/14/08


For more info, contact Stacey Wolejko at wolejko.stacey@epa.gov or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# PR-NC-08-10259. (FBO 2/23/08)



2,000 Multipurpose Solar Devices

The U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command has a requirement for up to 2,000 Multipurpose Solar Devices to provide portable electric power to operate communications equipment, computers, and other electronic peripheral equipment in mobile, tactical, or remote environments.


Responses due:  5/14/08


For more info, contact Moxi Mi at MOXI.MI1@USMC.MIL  or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# M6785408R5094




Economic Development Research

The U.S. Economic Development Administration requests proposals for the Economic Development Research Projects Program Competition Grant. Through this initiative, EDA seeks projects that address one or more of the following three research projects: 1) Regional innovation systems, 2) Urban economic development policy, and 3) Global economic development strategy. $1.5 million expected to be available, anticipated award range $100K - $350K.


Responses due:  5/09/08


For more info, contact William Kittredge at wkittredge@eda.doc.gov  or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# EDA03142008RESEARCH




Retrofit of County Facilities

The El Paso County Commissioners Court has issued an RFI regarding the retrofit of all or any County facilities for improved energy efficiency and demonstration projects related to energy efficiency and renewable resource applications.

Visit the El Paso County web site for the RFI and look for the reference number below on the "Bids and More" page.


Responses due:  05/07/08.  



For more info, contact:  pvasquez@epcounty.com or (915) 546-2048 or fax (915) 546-8180.  

Refer to:  08-052




Energy Analysis and Technical Assistance


The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory seeks proposal for energy related analysis and technical assistance in support of NREL’s ongoing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. The overall objective of this solicitation is to establish task ordering agreements with multiple organizations to provide analysis and technical assistance as needed by NREL. Area of interest include: Technology, systems and applications analysis; market analysis; policy and benefits analysis; and program analysis and evaluation.


Responses due:  5/05/08  



For more info, contact Laura Hughes at laura_hughes@nrel.gov or go to:




Refer to:  Sol# RCX-8-88280. (FBO 4/16/08)





Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS), an operating company of Xcel Energy, Inc.has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for
wind only energy.  The RFP seeks approximately 40,000 MWh/yr of wind energy and associated RECs, with commercial operation dates beginning on or before December 31, 2008.

Responses due:  4/21/08, 5:00 Mountain Time.  


For more info, contact the SPS 2008 WIND RFP Project Manager at 2008SPSWINDRFP@XCELENERGY.COM  

or at:

SPS 2008 WIND RFP Project Manager

Xcel Energy

550 Fifteen Street, Suite 1000

Denver, CO 80202 

To view the RFP in PDF format, click here.


To view a model Power Purchase Agreement, click here.


Solar America

The U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, requests proposals for the Solar America Initiative PV Technology Incubator. This initiative is targeted at R&D of PV cell and module prototypes with demonstrated functionality in either large-area coupon form or, preferably, prototypes produced in pilot-scale operations. The primary objective is to shorten the timeline for companies to transition prototype and pre-commercial PV technologies into pilot and full-scale manufacture. 6 to 10 subcontracts anticipated for up to $3 million each.

Responses due:  4/18/08.  


For more info, contact William Algiene at william_algiene@nrel.gov  
or go to:


Refer to:  LOI-No-RAT-8-88012. (FBO 3/5/08)



Rural Cooperative Development Grants

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for Rural
Cooperative Development Grants (RCDG). This program supports the
establishment or operations of Centers to assist individuals or
entities in the startup, expansion or operational improvement of
cooperative business. A prior year RCDG award funded the
development of a wind co-op for small-scale wind turbines on farms,
ranches and public and private facilities. $4.4 million expected
to be available, up to 22 awards anticipated.

Responses due:  4/08/08.  


For more info, contact Tracey Kennedy at tracey.kennedy@wdc.usda.gov  
or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# RDBCP-08-02-RCDG. (Grants.gov 2/15/08)


Wind Powering America

The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Wind Powering
America State Outreach, for projects that focus on state and
community level outreach, specific agriculture outreach, formation
of wind working groups (WWG), and other initiatives to stimulate
wind and rural economic development. $422K expected to be
available, up to 22 awards anticipated.

Responses due:  4/03/08.  


For more info, contact Pat Liles at pat.liles@go.doe.gov or go to:


Refer to:  Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98012. (Grants.gov 3/4/08)


Job Training for the Energy Industry


The U.S. Department of Labor requests proposals for High-Growth Job Training Initiative Grants for the Energy Industry and Construction and Skilled Trades in the Energy Industry.  

Through this initiative, DOL seeks the implementation and replication of high-impact, industry-driven training solutions that address identified workforce challenges in the energy industry or in the construction and skilled trade occupations that support the energy industry.  Each solution must take place in the context of a regional talent development strategy designed to contribute to a strong regional economy.  $10 million expected to be available, individual awards NTE $1 million each.


Responses due:  3/25/08.  


For more info, contact Ariam Ferro at Ferro.Ariam@dol.gov or go to:  


Refer to Sol# SGA-DFA-PY-07-07.





Transportation in Parks and Public Lands


The Federal Transit Administration, in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Interior and Agriculture, request proposals for the Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands Program.

Alternative transportation is defined as transportation by bus, rail, or any other publicly or privately owned conveyance that provides to the public general or special service on a regular basis, including sightseeing service. Goals of this program include, but are not limited to, reducing congestion and pollution and conserving natural, historical, and cultural resources. $23.78 million expected to be available, up to 50 awards anticipated.


Responses due:  2/29/08.  


For more info, contact Scott Faulk at scott.faulk@dot.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# D2008-ATPL-650-001. (Grants.gov 12/17/07)





Conservation Innovation Grants


The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Conservation Innovation Grants Program, for projects that stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies in conjunction with agricultural production. CIG targets on-the-ground conservation, including pilot projects and field demonstrations. $20 million expected to be available, up to 60 awards anticipated. 


Responses due 2/20/08.  


For more info, contact Tessa Chadwick at tessa.chadwick@wdc.usda.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# USDA-FS-WERC-2008. (Grants.gov 12/4/07)





Agriculture and Energy


The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP).  This program supports applied research projects that address barriers, challenges, and opportunities in the marketing, transportation, and distribution of U.S. food and agricultural products.  FSMIP has funded projects dealing with bioenergy, compost, and products made from agricultural residues.  $1.3 million expected to be available, 25 to 30 awards anticipated. 


Responses due 2/11/08.  


Janise Zygmont at janise.zygmont@usda.gov or go to:



Refer to Sol# USDA-AMS-FSMIP-2008.  (Grants.gov 12/6/07)





Biomass Information and Expansion


The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Wood Education and Resource Center Competitive Grants Program.  This program supports projects that facilitate interaction with the forest products industry and that will enhance opportunities for sustained forest products production in the eastern hardwood forest region which includes 35 states.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: 1)  Projects that increase the sustainable use of woody biomass to meet our nation’s energy and raw materials needs, and 2) Project that address the economic, social, and ecological aspects of woody biomass production and use.  $1 million expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated. 


Responses due 2/04/08.  


For more info, including a list of eligible states, contact Edward Cesa at ecesa@fs.fed.us or go to: 



Refer to Sol# USDA-FS-WERC-2008. (Grants.gov 12/4/07)





Solid Waste Management - Region 9


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9, requests proposals for Solid Waste Management Assistance, for projects that address solid waste reduction and management.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:  The reduction of the generation and disposal of waste streams through reuse, recycling, composting, sustainable biodiesel, anaerobic digestion or market development. 


Projects must take place in Region 9 which includes AZ, CA, HI, NV, and the Pacific Territories.  $200K expected to be available, up to 5 awards anticipated.


Responses due 1/21/08.  


For more info, contact Cara Peck at peck.cara@epa.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# EPA-R9-WST7-08-001.  (Grants.gov 12/5/07)





Environmental Education


PPL Montana requests proposals for the Project Earth Environmental Education Grants Program.  This program supports projects that will inspire elementary and high school students to learn about environmental issues in areas including, but not limited to, renewable resources, energy conservation, and the greening of schools.  $1.5K available per project.



Responses due 1/11/08.  


For more info, including a list of qualifying schools (in MT, CT, IL, ME, NJ, and NY), go to:  



(RFP Bulletin 11/30/07)






Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy


The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture request proposals for Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy.


This initiative supports research that will lead to the improved use of biomass and plant feedstocks for the production of fuels such as ethanol or renewable chemical feedstocks.


$4 million expected to be available.  Pre-applications are required and are due 11/13/07, final applications due 1/23/08.  For more info, contact SCbiomass.genomics@science.doe.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# DE-PS02-08ER08-03.  (Grants.gov 10/9/07)




Solar America Cities 2008


The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Solar America Initiative Market Transformation: Solar America Cities 2008.  


Through this imitative, DOE seeks the formation of strategic partnerships with U.S. cities as part of the Solar America Initiative (SAI).  These Federal-city partnerships are intended to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the nation by engaging city governments as significant users of electricity, key intermediaries to other end users within their jurisdiction, and regulatory entities. 


$2.4 million expected to be available, up to 12 awards anticipated. 


Responses due 1/10/08.  


For more info, contact Nancy Kiyota at go.solar@go.doe.gov or go to: 



Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98003.  (Grants.gov 10/26/07)



Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for Fall 2008 EPA Greater Research Opportunities Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study.

Through this initiative, EPA seeks to support leadership in the nations environmental science, research, education, assessment, restoration, and preservation efforts.  Eligible students will receive support for junior and senior year, and an internship at an EPA facility.


Planned course of study must focus on pollution prevention and/or control in one or more areas of environmental significance which includes:  Natural and Life Sciences, Environmental Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, or Economics.  $650K expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated, individual awards NTE $41.5K.


Responses due 12/19/07.


For more info, contact Georgette Boddie at boddie.georgette@epa.gov or go to:

http://es.epa.gov/ncer/rfa/2008/2008_gro_undergrad.html. Refer to Sol# EPA-F2008-GRO.  (Grants.gov 8/30/07)



High Energy Cost Rural Communities


The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service requests proposals for Assistance to High Energy Cost Rural Communities.

Eligible communities are those in which the average residential expenditure for home energy is at least 275 percent of the national average (see funding notice for guidance).  This program supports a broad range of energy facilities, equipment and related activities.

Grant funds may be used to purchase, construct, extend, repair, upgrade and otherwise improve energy generation, transmission, or distribution facilities serving eligible communities; eligible facilities include on-grid and off-grid renewable energy systems and implementation of cost-effective demand side management and energy conservation programs.  $21.9 million expected to be available, up to 20 awards anticipated.


For more info, contact Karen Larsen at Karen.Larsen@usda.gov  or go to:


Refer to Sol# USDA-RD-HECG07.  (Grants.gov 8/17/07)



DOE Announces Final Rule for Loan Guarantee Program
Invites 16 re-Applicants to Submit Applications for Federal Support of Innovative Clean Energy Projects


Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today announced that the Department of Energy (DOE) has issued the final regulations for the loan guarantee program authorized by Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct).


DOE’s action today will pave the way for federal support of clean energy projects using innovative technologies and will spur further investment in these advanced energy technologies.  For more information on this announcement and a copy of the final regulations please visit the Department's loan guarantee website at http://www.lgprogram.energy.gov.


Please direct all questions or comments to the Loan Guarantee Office at lgprogram@hq.doe.gov

Solicitation Number:  DE-PS01-06LG00001

Solicitation Title:  Federal Loan Guarantees for Projects that Employ Innovative Technologies in Support of the Advanced Energy Initiative
Use the link below to access this document anonymously (if appropriate) in the DOE Industry Interactive Procurement System,



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