TR'07 Presentations in
PDF format


Solar Progress:  The Austin Perspective
Chip Wolfe, Solar Austin


Creating a Foundation for a Texas PV Market Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Texas' Net Metering Implementation
Steve Wiese, Clean Energy Associates


West Texas Wind Energy Opportunities

Greg Wortham, West Texas Wind Energy Consortium


Wind Succeeding Across Texas
Greg Wortham, West Texas Wind Energy Consortium


Niche Opportunities in West Texas Wind

Greg Wortham, West Texas Wind Energy Consortium


Wind/Storage - The Missing Link

Robert E. Hanes, REH Interests, Inc.


Wind Challenges the Grid
Warren Lasher, ERCOT System Assessment


Be Careful What You Wish For

Adrianne G. Brandt, PUCT Staff


Geothermal Energy

Shawn Beard, Energy America Geothermal


Utility PV Opportunities: Large-scale Power Plants and Residential Programs

Cecilia Aguillon, Kyocera Solar, Inc.


Rural and Urban Opportunities for Solar Electricity and Storage Solutions

Michael Kuhn, Imagine Solar International


Stranded Geothermal Energy

Peter Gross, Energy America Geothermal


Geothermal Heat Pumps in Schools

Maria Richards, SMU Geothermal Lab


Eastern Texas Geothermal Assessment

Maria Richards, SMU Geothermal Lab


Making the Texas Heat Cool: Geothermal Leasing and Nesting Potential

Jason M. Ryan, Baker Botts, L.L.P.


A Ground Source Heat Pump Initiative inthe Blue Skyways Collaborative

James W. Yarbrough, U.S, Environmental Protection Agency


Los Pueblos de Luz . . . The Villages of Light

Dan Vogler


Applications with Hybrid Generators Utilizing Storage

Michael Breen, Xtreme Power


A Bit of History

Mike Sloan, The Wind Coalition


Beyond CREZ and Transmission Network Expansion

Mike Sloan, The Wind Coalition


Austin's Climate Protection Plan

Fred Blood, Austin Energy


Bioenergy Situation: From Field to Fuel Tank

Bob Avant, Texas Agriculture Experiment Station


GLO's Renewable Energy Program

Michelle Warren, Texas General Land Office


Helping Cities Find Alternative Energy Sources

Marilyn Fox, Fox, Smolen Associates


Meeting the 25 X '25 Goal: Texas Can Lead the Way

Read Smith, National 25 X '25 Alliance


Methane to Solar to Hydrogen

Terry Stott, Solar Hydrogen Energy Company


National Efforts in Hydrogen

Roxanne Garland, U.S. Department of Energy


The Immediate Need for Hydrogen Forklifts

Jeffery A. Freeman, Infintium Fuel Cell Systems


New Wind Blade Testing Center - Ingleside

Michael J. Massey, University of Houston


Opportunities for Onsite Hydrogen Production in Climate Change Reduction

Rene Mandeville, Hydrogenics Corporation


State and Federal Incentives for Renewables

Chris Pepper, Jackson Walker, LLP


The Role of Local Governments, Think Globally, Act Locally

Paul Smolen, Fox, Smolen & Associates


Urban Non-Attainment

Robert A. "Bob" Webb, Biofuels Power Corporation


Wind Resource Assessment for Texas

Ken Starcher, West Texas A&M University