TREIA Contributors


Peter Kelly-Detwiler

With over 25 years of experience in the area of electric energy, retail power, and distributed energy assets. Mr. Kelly-Detwiler offers expertise in the areas of new technologies and the integration and interaction of on-site distributed assets with electricity markets. He is professionally active on a national level with energy companies, demand response providers, software developers, datacenter owners, and various energy start-ups. Mr. Kelly-Detwiler has written comprehensive research papers for clients on diverse topics such as the evolution of the solar industry and the relationship between data centers and global power markets. He is a frequent moderator and speaker at industry events, and offers professional workshops on the topic ranging from 3-12 hours. He also contributes regularly to and other publications focusing on topics related to disruptive innovation and the impact on the electricity industry.


Julie Beggs

Julie Beggs is an experienced executive and consultant with a work history that includes working in the utilities, municipalities, profit, and non-profit industries.  She has expansive  knowledge in Change Management, Leadership Development, Communications,  Budgeting, Strategic Planning, and Business Process Improvement. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism from Texas State University and holds a M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edward's University.

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Kait Johnston

Kait Johnston joins TREIA as the GridNEXT Event Coordinator and our in-house expert on up-leveling the organization's operations. Kait has coordinated events large and small; for political campaigns, fundraisers, as well as a number of social gatherings for a large tech company in Austin, Texas. With her coding expertise, she is an integral part of our creative team as well. Reflecting on her time working in the Texas Legislature, she often jokes that politics prepared her most for what she does today. 

Kait is a lifelong Texan, raised in Rowlett, and an Aggie to boot. Today she resides in Austin, with her husband and young daughter. When she’s not keeping us in line, she enjoys expanding her culinary, creative and design skills, as well as spending ample time with family and friends.