GridNEXT 2016
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In2lytics: Hawaii-A Case Study for Grid Data Analytics for Renewables
Integration and Grid Optimization


September 13, 2016 @ 1 pm CT

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Drew Bond is an entrepreneur with a particular expertise in energy and technology startups. Prior to in2lytics, he led the successful spinout and startup of two technology companies. In 2015, he led the spinout of Versa, a distributed renewable energy and chemicals company from Battelle, the world’s largest independent R&D organization. In 2005, he led the successful spinout of an internet media company from a large Washington, DC based nonprofit. He has served in senior positions at the U.S. Department of Energy, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and on Capitol Hill. For a decade, Mr. Bond has worked closely with the National Laboratories and continues to serve on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Industry Advisory Board. A native Texan from Oklahoma, he is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BA in History. He and his wife live in the Washington, DC area with their four children where they are active in their church and community, with a particular focus on helping to care for abused and neglected children.


Since 2008 with the launch of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, Hawaii has embarked on an aggressive journey to diversify its energy supply away from 90 percent imported oil towards 100 percent renewable energy resources.  To achieve this goal, while ensuring reliable and resilient service to their customers, Hawaiian electric utilities have come to rely on having maximum grid visibility through real-time and historical grid data analytics performed by in2lytics.  in2lytics is a B2B software development company with a proprietary time-series data integration platform and analysis tools designed to help utilities integrate renewables and save time and money by improving their grid planning and operations.  The in2lytics database platform has been designed specifically to make disparate grid data accessible, searchable, and easily understandable, enabling informed decision making for important utility decisions, such as renewable integration studies, load forecasting, renewable generation forecasting, generation dispatch, and outage troubleshooting.
This webinar will present a case study of the development, deployment and adoption by Hawaiian Electric Companies of in2lytics’ time-series data integration platform and accompanying analysis tools and applications.