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Membership Services Coordinator


By Peter Kelly-Detwiler - Storyteller in Residence

Anuva Bonzek
Membership Services Coordinator

What are your main responsibilities?
My job has provided some great changes and challenges since I joined the team in September and jumped right in to help the team with the logistics supporting GridNEXT. Since the conclusion of the 2018 conference, I have shifted my priorities to other projects, the first: ensuring the membership database is current.  
That sounds like a daunting challenge with lots of follow-up required.
Some of the information hasn’t been updated in sometime. People move around. They change titles, addresses and phone numbers. So I’m reaching out to members to make sure we have their current contact information, as well as that of other relevant people in their organizations. It’s a work in progress but people have seen my name now and they know who I am. And I will keep emailing and contacting folks until we are confident that our membership is accurate and reflects the strong support and interest that is reflective from the renewable energy community.   
What do you do when you are not helping TREIA?
I’ve been lucky to spend most of my time at home with my eight year-old daughter and four year-old twins, a boy and a girl. That keeps me pretty busy. I also volunteer. In fact, I was involved in a leadership position in the PTA, that’s where I met Julie Beggs, TREIA’s Development Officer. That’s how I became familiar with TREIA. Julie recommended me to Melissa. Julie has been a great mentor for me, as I am new to the renewable energy industry.
What’s next after you have completed your work with database management?
Well the membership database update will be a work in progress. Melissa has also been helpful in contacting some of the members, but there is still work to do. After that, we are talking about working more closely with some like-minded organizations and strengthening our ties with them to mutually support each other and our efforts. So, for example, we may be cross-promoting events in future newsletters, and having other organizations promote us. Melissa has asked me to take the reins on that later this year.


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