ERCOT Panhandle Phase 2 Projects


On September 20, at the Regional Planning Group (RGP), Sharyland announced the findings from its recent panhandle study, based on which Sharyland will be submitting panhandle phase 2* project for ERCOT to review and approve.  
Sharyland recommended 175 MVA Synchronous Condenser (SC) to be added at WinMill, as a second phase after the second circuit project, with an estimated cost of $240 M which Sharyland’s report verifies to meet the ERCOT economic criteria.  This project is expected to increase the system strength export limit from 4004 MW to 4833 MW (prior to applying the 90% operational limit).  This is a great improvement for the area, however this still falls short of the full 5,269 MW currently committed in the panhandle (signed IA meeting section 6.9), and includes provisions to limited generation at WindMill to 1103 MW from the full 1255 MW committed to that station.  Sharyland however indicated that they will be doing additional study to look at system needs for up to 6000 MW in the Panhandle.  

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ERCOT Monthly Operational Overview May 2016


April Summary
•    The peak demand of 51,036 MW on April 25th was more than the day-ahead mid-term forecast peak of 49,102 MW of the same operating period. In addition, it was greater than the April 2015 actual peak demand of 45,242 MW. The instantaneous peak load on April 25th was 51,175 MW.
•    Day-ahead load forecast error for April was 2.50%
•    ERCOT issued nine notifications
–    Eight advisories due to Physically Responsive Capability being less than 3,000 MW
–    One OCN due to a forecasted large wind down-ramp event.

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