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Where Are The Lines?-Coexistence of Environmental Causes in a Conservative Texas

  • Austin Green Room 4804 Grover Avenue Austin, TX, 78756 United States (map)

Panelists include Brigid Shea, Joshua Long and Susana Almanza

The environmental cause is growing, and it must be inclusive to grow--we know it must.  But the word “inclusive” can cut both ways, especially here in Texas, a primarily Republican state. How do we keep pushing our sustainability issues forward while navigating the Texas political environment and all that it brings?

Join us for a panel-led open discussion on how environmental causes best coexist and progress in a state like Texas. We need environmental leadership from “both sides of the aisle” and we need to move fast at bringing everyone to the table. That means working with people we don’t see eye-to-eye with on every issue. Where do we draw lines? Do we let others draw them for us? What is the balance?

Snacks and beverages are generously sponsored and catered by Barr Mansion. Join the conversation, network with others from Austin’s environmental leadership and make new friends at this Austin Green Room networking series.

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