GridNEXT 2019: An Annual Opportunity To Learn And Network With Members Of The Texas Sustainable Energy Community

Here we are again, heading into GridNEXT 2019 on June 26 and 27, where we will celebrate the accomplishments of the last year and peer into the future as we seek to achieve TREIA’s stated goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

This year, we have moved the venue to beautiful and hospitable San Antonio. We have also shortened the conference to one full day, preceded by an annual industry briefing by Peter Kelly-Detwiler the afternoon of the 26th , followed by an Opening Conference Reception (who can say no to that?) These two events will be held at the Charles Court next to Zinc Bistro and Bar.

The following morning, we will kick off the main event at 8:30 on the RiverWalk at the International Center, with welcoming remarks from emcee Peter Kelly-Detwiler and a brief recap from the previous day’s annual briefing. The theme of this year’s event will be Grid Safety and Security, where we will be looking at multiple aspects of renewables and grid security. We will address a variety of related topics, ranging from ways to protect critical assets and safeguard vital data to the role of renewables and microgrids in ensuring a more reliable and resilient grid.

A highlight of the day will be the Keynote by CPS Energy’s CEO Paula Gold-Williams on the Future of Smart Cities. Under her leadership, CPS is regarded as one of the country’s leading utilities, both for planning its flexible energy path and for integrating its activities with the city to create a more cohesive community strategy.

We will also be looking at some of the recent legislative developments, as well as some of the upcoming challenges that may affect the renewables landscape in future years. GridNEXT 2019 promises to be yet another stimulating conversation and fruitful networking event. We look forward to having you all join in that dialogue and to seeing you all there.