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Wednesday, June 26 at Charles Court next to Zinc Bistro & Bar

2:00-5:00p Industry Briefing with Peter Kelly-Detwiler
5:00-6:30p Opening Conference Reception

TREIA in collaboration with Peter Kelly-Detwiler of Northbridge Energy Partners, will offer a workshop highlighting the main factors affecting the electric renewable energy space, ranging from the dynamics of innovation and technology dissemination to the basics of blockchain, the cost of cobalt in the Congo, and the technology of turbines in Texas. The workshop will highlight the key factors that will affect the renewable energy prospects in Texas, the importance of current and potential future market rules, and the impacts on your employees and customers. And we will look at ‘postcards from the future’ - from other states and countries - that suggest where the Texas renewable economy may go in the years to come.

The Objective

  • Increase the understanding and awareness of the current market conditions affecting renewable energy

  • Improve understanding of differences and similarities between the trends affecting the Texas market and other regional and global markets

  • Understand some of the critical issues and business models affecting the development of these markets in the future

  • Comprehend the major forces that drive change

  • Reduce training and travel costs to organizations by providing a subject-matter expert onsite

  • Level-set understanding, unify vision, and help align strategies moving forward