Come join thought-leaders from across the utility industry and renewable energy sectors in creating a vision for the Grid of the Future. TREIA provides a platform for a variety of diverse clean energy industry members to connect through quality conferences, cutting-edge webinars, informative luncheon presentations, in-person events and timely alerts.


Six Reasons To Join TREIA Today

  1. STRENGTH OF A UNIFIED VOICE  When the public, government leaders, and industry stakeholders get excited about renewable energy, it's because they are looking at the whole ecosystem. TREIA brings together all of the markets within the renewable energy industry to optimize the public's perception and make greater strides for all members. We truly are better together.
  2. TIMELY, CRITICAL INFORMATION  As a TREIA member, you have access to the exceptional content from various communications and education forums through our Member Toolbox. This Toolbox supplies special event discounts, member details, RFPs, timely reports, and more.
  3. INVALUABLE PARTNERSHIP PROSPECTS  TREIA regularly receives inquires from potential developers, investors, distributors, suppliers and individuals. As a member, you are connected to these business referrals. The online Member Directory of the website offers a powerful marketing tool for your company profile as part of your membership. 
  4. STRONG NETWORK OF INDUSTRY LEADERS  Membership in TREIA connects you with the heart of the renewable industry and opens the doors to invaluable business associations. The annual industry awards presented at the conference are an honored benchmark of industry accomplishments. 
  5. INDUSTRY MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS  Leveraging the aggregate value of its entire membership opens more media doors to TREIA than individual companies can hope to. Besides being the go-to organization for media information, TREIA actively issues its own press releases and conducts radio and TV interviews that support the industry.
  6. SUPPORTIVE SERVICES  TREIA is dedicated to raising awareness of its members and renewable industries as a whole. Its leadership and staff provide longstanding credibility and extensive knowledge and experience that the industry, media and the general public have come to rely upon.