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Michael Lumbley is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer at Alternative Resource Group (ARG), one of 2018’s Top 10 Microgrid Service Companies - Energy CIO Insights Magazine*. He has 15 years of experience in the energy sector working in Microgrids, EV infrastructure and utility scale solar development. He is dedicated to ensuring that energy infrastructure development is accomplished in a modular and sustainable fashion. Looking forward, his team at ARG is bringing comprehensive solutions for driving EV charging infrastructure deployment and bringing utility scale solar and energy storage projects to fruition.

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About the e-Mobility Working Committee

As electrification of the transportation sector gains traction, numerous challenges and opportunities arise. Just as TREIA was there to help shape policy and market dynamics during the inception of the wind and solar energy markets in Texas, here too there is a great need for thoughtful leadership. Facing a projected market saturation of 30% of the transportation fleet by 2030, it is imperative that the impacts on the energy distribution network and the addition of an enormous amount of charging infrastructure be implemented with forethought and care. 

With a focus on how to best prepare and integrate this evolution of the transportation sector, TREIA is building a team of Public and Private sector leaders to explore and guide the development of infrastructure and policy for E-Mobility. To that end we have formed the e-Mobility Working Committee to build consensus among all the stakeholders that will be impacted to ensure that the market is developed in a pragmatic way that fosters the economic opportunity it represents for the State of Texas.

e-Mobility Working Committee charter.

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