TREIA President Melissa Miller: Keynote Speaker at Oil + Renewables-What Alberta Can Learn From Texas


Texas is an oil-producing state with a deregulated electricity market. Alberta is an oil-producing province with a deregulated electricity market. However, Texas is well ahead of Alberta when it comes to embracing the renewable energy revolution. 
It has the most wind energy installed out of any state in the nation. In March of this year wind energy provided 48 per cent of Texas' electricity needs. Just in August of this year almost 300 megawatts of utility scale solar was installed and in 2017 and there is more than 1800 megawatts of utility scale solar in the queue, ready to go. 
Renewable energy is not a red or blue partisan issue in Texas. It is business. And Alberta has a lot we can learn from our southern cousins. So how did this oil producing state with a conservative streak end up being a renewable energy leader? That's why Progress Alberta brought up Melissa Miller, president of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Alliance to speak. 

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