Too much energy creates a challenge for Texas electricity grid


Houston Chronicle | By Chris Tomlinson | September 22, 2017

AUSTIN - Texas produces more energy than we know what to do with, and some electricity generators say that could cause serious problems in the future.

From fossil fuels to renewable sources, the state has an embarrassment of riches. The huge energy surpluses drive electricity prices so low that most of Texas's coal-fired power plants are losing money, nuclear power is struggling, and new wind farms will be hard to finance when tax credits expire in 2020, according to experts who spoke at the Texas Renewable Energy Summit in Austin last week.

With little or no profits, generators say they have no incentive to build new power plants, which they say could lead to a future electricity shortage. Many want an overhaul of the wholesale electricity market so they can make higher profits.

The Texas Public Utilities Commission and Legislature should hold steady.

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