Puerto Rico’s Grid Is Ruined. The Solar Industry Wants to Help


Green Tech Media | by Emma Foehringer Merchant  | September 29, 2017

It’s been over a week since Maria tore through Puerto Rico, leaving a tangle of transmission lines in its wake. The hurricane knocked out all of the island’s electricity, just weeks after Irma took down electricity for 1 million people. Thousands still hadn’t had their electricity restored when the second storm arrived. 

Since Maria made landfall on the island, President Trump has been criticizing the National Football League and waffling on a waiver of the Jones Act, which would allow foreign vessels to bring aid to Puerto Rico. He finally lifted shipping restrictions yesterday.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground is dire. Supplies that have arrived are reportedly sitting on the docks. FEMA has said 42 percent of people are without drinkable water, and nearly everyone still lacks electricity access.

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