Wind, Other Renewable Energy Sources are the Answer to Climate Change


Houston Chronicle | By Michael Goggin | September 23 2017

With more than 22,000 employees in Texas, America's wind energy industry feels the pain inflicted by Hurricane Harvey. Wind companies have pledged $1 million to Habitat for Humanity to help Texas communities recover from the disaster.

But wind energy is helping Texas recover in other ways as well. Our industry has invested more than $38 billion in Texas wind projects, which pay landowners more than $60 million annually in lease payments. For many farming and ranching families, that additional income allows them to stay on their land.

Texas has also become a world leader in manufacturing the energy technologies of the 21st century, with 40 factories building wind turbine parts. Several thousand Texans work as wind turbine technicians - America's fastest growing job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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