The Future of Renewable Energy is in Texas


Renewable energy isn't at a crossroads in the U.S. so much as on a two-lane highway: While the federal government hits the gas on fossil fuels, states are speeding ahead to develop renewable energy -- and reaching new milestones.

For example, enough solar energy is being collected every year to power all the single-family homes in Florida. Three states generate more than one-third of their energy from wind and solar. Some 160,000 electric cars were sold last year -- enough to supply the entire population of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And earlier this year, wind and solar produced one-tenth of the nation's energy for an entire month.

A recent report highlights the states that are most quickly embracing renewable energy. And the leaders are not what many people might expect. Yes, California has some of the most pro-environment laws on the books. But the state that produces the most renewable energy in terms of sheer quantity? It's Texas. The states that generate the largest portion of their power from renewables: Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas and the Dakotas

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