The American Renewable Investment Goal


On June 19, 2018, the American Council on Renewable Energy launched a new campaign that aims to reach $1 trillion in U.S. private sector investment in renewable energy and enabling grid technologies by 2030.

Through $1T 2030: The American Renewable Investment Goal, the country’s major providers of capital for energy infrastructure projects have now come together in a coordinated effort to accelerate the investment and deployment of renewable power as the sector moves to the next stage of market maturity.

$1T 2030 is managed through the Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance (PREF), a senior-level ACORE member program widely regarded as the nation’s most credible educational resource on renewable energy finance. The campaign will leverage the network of ACORE members and supporters, highlighting a combined set of common sense policy reforms and distinct market drivers that are necessary to reach this ambitious goal.

In the absence of new policies, most analysts expect the recent booming pace of renewable investment to decline in the early 2020s, but if we adopt the pathway for growth articulated by this campaign, America will close the innovation and investment gap with other nations, build on the impressive track record of job creation in wind, solar and related fields, and stay within striking distance of the U.S. commitment for greenhouse gas emission reductions outlined in the Paris Accord.

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