Property values near wind energy projects show no decline

In many public forums across Nebraska, local residents have expressed concerns related to proposed wind energy projects in their communities. A consistent worry is the effect wind farms would have on neighboring property values.

In response to these concerns, the Center for Rural Affairs prepared a fact sheet that reviews findings of studies conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — as well as the Universities of Rhode Island and Connecticut — which analyze factors influencing property values prior to the announcement of a project, after the announcement, before construction and post-construction.

Strikingly, these studies have found no measurable effect on property values from nearby wind farms.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s conclusions were reached by monitoring sales of more than 50,000 homes spanning 27 counties in nine states, including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma and several others. The homes were located within 10 miles of wind projects; 1,198 homes were within one mile and 331 were within a half mile.

The fact sheet aims to serve as a resource for county officials and landowners looking for answers about effects on property values. In addition, the fact sheet highlights potential best practices that wind energy developers could adopt when pursuing a new project.

The fact sheet may be found at