ESA Supports the White House’s Efforts to Remove Barriers for Energy Storage, Create Innovative Market Structures


Washington, D.C. – June 16, 2016 – Energy Storage Association (ESA) Executive Director Matt Roberts today issued a statement ahead of the White House Summit on Scaling Renewable Energy and Energy Storage with Smart Markets:

“As the United States continues to modernize the electric grid, energy storage systems will play an increasingly vital role in our energy future. However, today there are significant market barriers that prevent deployment of energy storage systems and the continuous improvement of our national grid infrastructure. ESA supports the Administration’s efforts to ensure fair and competitive market access for energy storage technologies, which is critical for opening the path to a more reliable, affordable and sustainable electric system.

We must ensure that we develop regulatory frameworks that do not get out-paced by the rapid advancement of technology. Markets need to be structured to reward system performance and not favor incumbent interests over innovative solutions. We also need to expand efforts to create truly integrated resource planning that incorporates the full range of benefits that assets like energy storage provide—properly valuing energy storage systems as a power, energy and non-transmission alternative. With the right competitive markets and procurements, we can ensure affordable and reliable energy for everyone and advance the nation’s clean energy goals through more efficient system operation and enhanced renewables integration.

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