TREIA July Newsletter


The registration for GridNEXT 2016 is in full swing with this year’s theme: “Renewable Energy Integration Through Grid Modernization”. Today's modern grid has been redefined through the advent and proliferation of renewable energy. The challenge at hand for renewables is how it can integrate efficiently and continue to grow in market share while coexisting with other forms of generation while maintaining grid stability. TREIA’s GridNEXT will offer opportunities to explore the latest in renewable energy integration and grid modernization across all renewable energy sectors. We are pleased to announce Brad Jones, President & CEO of NYISO, formerly Senior VP & COO of ERCOT, as this year’s GridNEXT Keynote Speaker. Highlights of the Conference are listed below and Early-Bird registration will available through August 31. 
As we advance towards the the GridNEXT conference, we encourage you to take advantage of the Webinars leading up to the event. All registrants of the webinars will be entered to win a free GridNEXT 2016 conference pass, so don’t miss the opportunity to get involved early! Don’t forget to visit TREIA’s Member Toolbox for up to date reports from ERCOT, NREL and others as well as to view past webinars. 

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IRS Issues More Construction-Start Guidance


The Internal Revenue Service said today that developers will have four years to complete a new wind farm or other renewable energy project and qualify for federal tax credits without having to prove that the construction work was continuous.

The four years will be measured from the end of the year in which construction starts on the project. For example, if construction of a new wind farm started in 2013, then the project must be completed by the end of 2017.

If it takes longer, then the developer will have to prove that work after 2013 was continuous. The IRS made the statement in the first of two new notices expected after Congress extended the deadlines to start construction of new renewable energy projects to qualify for tax credits.

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