Texas ranks first in U.S.-installed wind capacity and number of turbines

Texas ranks first in U.S.-installed wind capacity and number of turbines

As of the beginning of 2019, 41 states had at least one installed wind turbine. Of these 41 states, Texas had the largest number of turbines, with more than 13,000, and the most installed wind capacity, at 24.2 gigawatts (GW). As wind technology has advanced, turbines have grown larger in the United States, and the capacity of individual turbines has increased with size. States where wind adoption occurred early, such as California, have a high number of turbines relative to their wind generation capacity compared with states where wind was adopted later, such as Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois.

Major US Corporate Brands Purchased Nearly 1 Gigawatt of Texas Wind Power in 2015

Texas attracted 49 percent of the total U.S. market for non-utility wind power purchases in 2015, as Fortune 500 companies behind household brands, like Tide and Downy, high-tech companies, universities, and major Texas cities all invested in low-cost wind power, according to newly released data from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). These purchases totaled 998 megawatts (MW), a little less than one-third of the total 3,615 MW of wind capacity installed in the state last year.

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US Wind Power Jobs Hit Record, Up 20 Percent in 2016


American wind power supported a record 88,000 jobs at the start of 2016—an increase of 20 percent in a year—according to the U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report, Year Ending 2015, released today by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Strong job growth coincided with wind ranking number one as America’s leading source of new generating capacity last year, outpacing solar and natural gas.

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Williamson County Adopts PACE Program


Today, Williamson County Texas became the 4th Texas County to adopt a PACE program. The commissioners unanimously adopted the resolution put forward by Commissioner Cynthia Long, continuing the unanimous trend to adopt the PACE in a Box model. State Rep. Tony Dale, who supported PACE legislation, also weighed in with a strong letter of support. The Texas PACE Authority will administer the program at no cost to the County. 

Williamson County is the 6th fastest growing county in the nation, and one of the healthiest counties in the Texas. Its county seat, the City of Georgetown, will be one of the largest municipally-owned utilities in the U.S. to supply its customers with 100 percent solar and wind energy, providing competitive electric rates and a hedge against price volatility. PACE, which was widely supported by Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development organizations, provides a new economic and environmental tool for the commercial, industrial, multi-family and nonprofit organizations in the fast-growing county.

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ERCOT, more than prepared during ramp up of Wind and Solar


Earlier this month, I attended the 2016 Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Market Summit. The summit brought together thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss the future of Texas’ electric grid. Many of the discussions at the conference centered around the expected boom in new solar and wind energy capacity in Texas, and how ERCOT is planning to cope with the evolution of its electric grid and market as more and more renewable energy is added. While Texas will add a lot of new wind and solar capacity over the coming years, the grid operator is more than prepared to manage the reliability of the electric grid into the future.

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Wind accounted for 19.9% of generation on ERCOT's grid in Feb.


Wind supplied 19.9% of the total electricity generated on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas' grid in February, according to grid operator. The report said that wind generated more electricity in the state than nuclear last month, following natural gas and coal. In February 2015, wind provided about 11.8% of ERCOT's total electricity.

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