TREIA Strategic Plan

TREIA’s Strategic Plan lays out the initiatives that support achievement of strategic goals relevant across our membership, and the member-shared Vision to achieve 50% renewable energy in Texas by 2030. In addition, it lays out the Operating Model by which TREIA will leverage and operationalize this Strategic Plan to remain focused on member priorities.

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TREIA’s Mission, Vision, Values and Goals provide the strategic framework to set organizational priorities and focus and guide Board decisions in support of alignment with our member-driven Vision.

MISSION Modernize the power grid to advance renewable integration through industry collaboration and strategic alliances.

VISION Achieve 50% renewable energy in Texas by 2030.


  • We are a multi-disciplinary Alliance

  • We work to understand and deliver on member priorities

  • We seek balanced solutions with input from all Alliance members and strategic partners


  • Market Impact: Growth of renewable energy in Texas

  • Membership: Expand membership and diversity

  • Leadership: Further Texas’ position in technology innovation, markets, and policy

  • Education: Provide member and stakeholder education

  • Collaboration: Facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas across sectors



TREIAs strategic initiatives are the tactical work efforts measured and monitored to ensure resource allocation is aligned with strategic priorities. Initiative

  1. Implement a short list of actions for leveraging technology, policy and market solutions to advance adoption of renewable energy across Texas Initiative

  2. Issue technical and policy papers Initiative

  3. Hold statewide webinars and lunch presentation events and distribute information to membership via blog, newsletter, website, etc. Initiative

  4. Hold networking events throughout Texas Initiative

  5. Explore strategic partnerships and mergers with other non-profits Initiative

  6. Understand and support member priorities Initiative

  7. Expand membership and member diversity Initiative

  8. Hold annual GridNEXT conference to create opportunities for cross sector networking and exchange of ideas



TREIAs strategic initiatives support multiple strategic goals. Over this three year time horizon, TREIA has a special focus on growing membership and member diversity by understanding and responding to member priorities.