Testimonials about TREIA’s Value

“TREIA provides a robust platform for the renewable energy industry with quality conferences, other events, timely commercial and policy information, and highly effective business development networking opportunities. TREIA delivers great value to my company.”
— MARK WALKER, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, NRG Energy
“TREIA is a great place where great minds meet to explore new energy market opportunities and concepts in the context of clean energy. It is a unique Alliance in that it combines industry, with utility, with end consumer as well as technology, allowing the identification of new opportunities for business and innovation.”
— HALA BALLOUZ, President, EPE Consulting
“I’m involved in TREIA because its members represent the best in Texas from a clean energy standpoint. Its leadership in the renewable energy industry in Texas is second to none, and nowhere else can you get the caliber of cross-industry collaboration, networking and education than from TREIA.”
— NANCY EDWARDS, President, Clean Power Marketing Group
“As a newcomer to the Texas energy mix, geothermal companies are able to leverage the knowledge of those in TREIA to increase our electrical development success. The southern hospitality of TREIA members is a welcoming gift, which encourages networking and conference attendance.”
— MARIA RICHARDS, SMU Geothermal Lab Coordinator
“Being a member of TREIA means Sierra Club can bounce off our ideas, get input and learn of trends in the industry that can help make our advocacy work much more effective.“
— CYRUS REED, Conservation Director, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club
“TREIA gathers the diverse voices of advanced energy together to work toward our common goal: the growth of business opportunities for renewable energy in Texas.“
— JEFF CLARK, Executive Director, The Wind Coalition
“TREIA is actively engaged in the Texas renewable energy market and provides our firm with current information on the most important legislation and policy issues impacting our clients. We attend and sponsor TREIA’s annual conference because it provides us with business development opportunities with some of the most influential renewable energy thought leaders in Texas.“
— LACEY BREEDEN, Attorney, Husch-Blackwell